Why you need a workout partner


Good things come in pairs, why shouldn’t your workouts be the same? It is said that having a workout buddy with you improves your motivation and as a result makes you feel better due to the effort you put in.

Treadmills, CrossFit’s and Smyth machines can be quite boring when you’re by yourself but, when you have a workout buddy you can switch it up! Also, by having another person in the gym not only means safety in numbers but also means another brain!

Two brains are better than one, and both of you can bring different ideas to your workouts. If you kept repeating the same old things over and over again, your body would quickly adapt to this and the body would become somewhat immune to the workout. However, switching it up and bouncing different ideas between you and your partner keeps things interesting and more importantly, it means your body will respond better to the variety.

Having a workout buddy also motivates you to go the gym more often! When you’re working out by yourself it is easy to cancel on yourself or make-up excuses for why you can’t do a workout that day. However, when you have someone else depending on you, nobody wants to be a party pooper and cancel on their gym buddy! You will also find that you’ll always work out harder when you have someone with you! No one wants to be known as the wimp who couldn’t finish off their set or run as far as their partner.

Now, before you jump and grab the first friend you see and drag them into the world of fitness, there are a few things that your designated gym buddy needs to have! Picking your gym buddy is by far one of the most important things you will have to do when it comes to fitness. Depending on who you pick will either bring you towards your goal or push you further away!

First of all, you need to choose someone who is at the same level of fitness you are at or someone who isn’t too far off. This is a very important factor! Picking someone who is far superior to yourself can distract you and put you off. Constantly working out with someone who is in a completely different league to you cannot only demotivate you but could lead to an injury.

Another thing you should look at when picking your gym buddy is their mindset. Do they have similar ambitions and goals when it comes to fitness? Are they willing to dedicate themselves to get the results they want? Are they serious about their fitness? These are all vital things that need to be taken into consideration.

If they don’t have the same goals or at least the same attitude towards their workouts as you, then neither one of you will benefit from the workouts. Working out with someone, gives you a healthy competition between the two of you, however choose incorrectly and the only thing you may feel is frustration!